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I was going through my stack of magazines and catalogs that I keep for references etc... and was curious to see what others are reading?  I'm going to change some of my subscriptions to online only, but some you like to have the physical reference material.

The catalog I've been browsing through lately is the newest arrival: Veseys Seeds.  I'm very fortunate to be a couple hours drive from Veseys.  They are located in York, Prince Edward Island, which is just East of New Brunswick.  My mother recommended them when I started gardening and told me my grand parents always bought their seeds and supplies through Veseys.  Veseys does extensive trial gardening on all seeds they offer and since they are in the same climate as me, I feel very confident in the experienced information they provide.  On that note, can't wait to put in my seed order for this year!

Mother Earth Newsis one of my favorite magazines out there and they've been around for a long long time.  I find they cover a wide range of topics that always seem to be on my "need to learn" list.  I will most likely subscribe to them online since I can browse, download and save articles I want to keep in my personal library.  I will most likely break down and buy the Mother Earth News CDs as well.  They contain38 years of the magazine published from 1970 to 2009.  This way I can have all the 8000+ articles at my finger tips ;o)

Urban Farm is a new magazine from the editors of Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home that came out in November 2009.  I was very excited to read through this mag as it is marketed directly to "Sustainable City Living".  I wrote a quick review on Urban Farm that you can check out so I won't go into much details here.  It will be interesting to see how the magazine evolves and I hope it will stick around as it delivers to a specific niche.

Home Power magazine is another one I really like for the Renewable Energy market.  They focus on solar, wind and mini-hydro products, designs and installs.  I love their buyer guides and particularly liked their "Off-Grid Inverter Guide" from their Sept 09 issue.  I find they always have a good mix of content between the different renewable energy systems available including up to date product testing and data.  I don't currently subscribe to Home Power yet, but an seriously thinking about it as I pick it up every time it comes out anyways.

Permaculturemagazine is a new one I picked up in November.  It's a UK based magazine (I picked it up at Chapters magazine rack) and is in their words "Inspiration for Sustainable Living".  I have to say I enjoyed the magazine and what caught my attention was the mix of articles such as: Sustainable Beekeeping, How to Catch and Store Water and Permaculture Principles Explained.  I read the Beekeeping article at the stand and was starting on "The Art of Reading the Landscape" when my wife said it was time to go, so into the basket it went.  I'll be picking up the Winter issue to read part 2 of Sustainable Beekeeping and Living Without Money (that would be nice eh?).

So that is what makes up my usual magazine purchases when I do make it out to Chapters for a book buying spree.  I know there are many others out there and they are all pushing for our $$.  I'd like to know what others are getting?  What magazines to you subcribe to for green living, gardening, renewable energy or any others?

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