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Picked up the second issue, Spring 2010, of Urban Farm magazine and it is chalk full of good useful articles!  I really do hope the magazine turns into a monthly issue and they start accepting subscriptions... all in good time I guess. 

One of my favorite articles is "Cinch by the Square Foot".  This article was great timing for me since I'm actually planning on converting our conventioanl row garden to raised beds and square foot gardening practices.  The article is written by Mel Bartholomew who is the author of Square Foot Gardening, which I am also actively reading. 

Another good article is "P is for Prosper".  The article goes through urban-farming pioneer Will Allen's  north Milwaukee urban aquaponic farm, Growing Power inc." and his seven P's for success and community building.  I stumbled on to Will Allen while researching aquaponics and was immediately interested in his processes.  I love that they are growing food where it is needed.  Here's a YouTube video as an introduction:

The entire magazine is good, but a few other articles I personally liked:

  • "Permission to Play in the Dirt" - Different techniques on composting and compost bins
  • "Power to the People" - Nice primer on renewable energy
  • "Pushing City Limits" - Struggles of urban farmers vs city ordinances

There are many more great articles so go out and buy your copy today.  You should also go out to their website UrbanFarmOnline.com and submit a comment showing your support ;o)

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