Take a Sec... Share with your Friends!!

Last fall I forgot to empty and flip one of our water barrels over for the winter.  Once the freezing weather came along, the water froze, expanded and busted a hole in the bottom of the barrel.  Since the hole was at the bottom of the barrel, I didn't notice until the first rain.  I thought it was taking a long time to fill the watering can ;o) 

This was the first water catcher we bought about 4 years ago or maybe more so I didn't want to just throw it out.  I bought some 2 part epoxy, cleaned it up and sealed it back up.  I wasn't sure it was going to hold, but we got a good rain that week and the barrel was full within 15mins and still holding ;o)

This time I won't forget to empty and flip it upside down in the fall during winter preparations.  We don't have a place to store them, so storing them this way outside keeps them safe from freezing.  We throw a couple firewood logs and/or rocks on top to keep them from blowing around.

After a few weeks, the epoxy seems to be holding and all looks good.  No leaking at all!  Now to repair the screen for the lid of the barrel that the dogs took for a Frisbee and chewed up ;o(