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Welcome to Sustainable Urban Homestead, our little spot in the web to share our journey towards simplified and sustainable living.  We are both work from home parents, have a young son and a black lab.  We are definitely one happy family, however we wanted to teach our son that tomato's, corn, strawberries and other fruits/vegetables didn't come from the grocery store and that having fun wasn't sitting in front of a 50" plasma TV playing PS3 for 4hrs a day.  Teaching the foundations of life and really connecting with the environment and people is what is missing in this day.

We started our journey like many others I assume... resolution that things needed to change, big dreams and not an idea how to acheive them.  We started slow in 2007 with a small garden and things took off from there.  We've double the garden each year growing enough vegetables to have home grown meals all summer as well as bottle some salsa and freeze some veggies for the cold winter months cooking.

Here is a picture mid summer 2008 showing the flower/vegetable garden, some corn growing in the background, the "Lil'Homested" I built for my son in it's half built stage at that point (more on Lil'Homestead coming...) and in the far corner the pallet compost bin I put together.
Our Garden 2008







Sustainable Urban Homestead is dedicated to sharing knowledge and community participation.  Our Urban Homestead Articles cover all aspects of living a more sustainable and healthy life.  Community participation is encouraged and hopefully we can all learn together... no "know it alls" here ;o)  If I could remember half of what I already forgot I'd be happy.

We also provide eBay shopping direct from our site.  Buy Homesteading Supplies, Gardening Supplies and even Renewable Energy Supplies direct through our eBay shopping portal.  We chose eBay as you can shop for both new and used products to keep with the Recycle, Reuse way of thinking.  All sales go to the upkeep and enhancements of this site so we appreciate your shopping through our eBay portal. 

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