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Urban Farm Magazine CoverWhile browsing my local Chapters store, I was delighted to see a new magazine: Urban Farm.  Flipping through the premiere issue I decided to pick it up along with my copy of Home Power.  The Urban Homestead movement is definitely picking up which is exemplified by a dedicated magazine.

Urban Farm magazine comes from the editors of Hobby Farms with a focus on those of us who live in the City and/or Suburbs.  Filled with DIY and articles about raising chickens, goats and bees, along with gardening, composting, raised beds and recipes... there is something for everyone. 

My favorite article in this premiere edition was "The Sustainable Live" by Lynda King.  The article is a great list of ways we can all do our part, large or small, to get on the path of living a more sustainable life in our (sub) urban environments.  You don't need an acre of land to start a raised bed garden, compost, power conservation, support local farmers and such.  The best message of the article is to "Start Small"... you don't need to change everything at once which is overwhelming.  Pick an area that is close to your heart and start there... nuf said!

Another of my favorites is "Beekeeping in the 'Burbs" by Susan M. Brackney.  This is a great introductory article for those of us who are facinated by the option of beekeeping and definately got my attention to do more research.  I've always been interested in beekeeping and do plan on introducing this to our homestead within the next 2 years.  We have a few other projects and many more hours of research on the subject before then.

There are many other great articles and DIY projects like self-irrigating planters, turning lawn to garden, recycling, composting, community gardens, etc... If the editors keep each issue packed with this much great info, it will be a must have for any (sub) urban farmer out there.   

Obviously i loved it... check it out... what do you think?

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