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I'm a fan of Earth2Tech.com and have been a subscriber for a long time now.  While goign through my reader Friday night I was struck by the post "Graphic: The Environmental Impact of Computing".  Being in the IT industry for almost 10yrs, this graphic really took me by surprise. 

It's funny, I work in the IT world by day and homesteading/renewable energy by night/weekend.. ok every free chance I can away from work.  So I have some mixed feelings about technology and computing.  I feel although the article and following graphic is interestingly gloom, computing and technology has many upsides and has helped the environment in many ways.  I for one used to commute daily and now work from home, used to get the paper daily and now read online (same for books, sales flyers etc...), used to get all my statements by mail which means paper, manufacturing, transportation etc.. now all done online.  I could go into more examples but you get the point.  I would love to see the source data behind the graph and also have the same company (InfoGraphicWorld.com) create the same type of graph with the benefits of computing/computers.  Wonder how they would compare?  What do you think... good or bad?  Check it out yourself:

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