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There is a lot of talk lately about wind energy for both personal and public generation. The US alone is set to increase its wind farm capacity 45% in 2008. This trend will continue into personal wind energy generation. Wind turbines are dropping in price and becoming more efficient in design to capture all the energy it can from the wind.

Wind energy converts kinetic energy that is present in the wind into more useful forms of energy such as mechanical energy or electricity. Wind energy is a pollution-free, infinitely sustainable form of energy. It doesn’t use fuel; it doesn’t produce greenhouse gass's, and it doesn’t produce toxic or radioactive waste.

Wind energy is one renewable resource we are able to capture to generate clean, sustainable energy systems that can be relied on for the long-term future. Modern aerodynamics and engineering have improved wind turbines. They now provide reliable, cost-effective, pollution-free energy for individual, community, and national applications.

Wind energy is the kinetic energy that is present in moving air. The amount of potential energy depends mainly on wind speed, but is also affected slightly by the density of the air, which is determined by the air temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude.

For any wind turbine, the power and energy output increases dramatically as the wind speed increases. Therefore, the most cost-effective wind turbines are located in the windiest areas. Wind speed is affected by the local terrain and increases with height above the ground, so wind turbines are usually mounted on tall towers.

Wind turbines are only one part in a complex setup to harness the power of the wind. We will cover each part of the complete configuration in up coming posts, including a shoppers guide and how to select proper location for your new wind turbine.

Stay tuned and Keep in Green!!

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