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Since it's well into 2009 now I thought I'd put down some of our plans for the Urban Homestead.  First though, some accomplishments from 2008.

We expanded the garden and learned how to preserve the basics of our vegetable garden.  We made 24 bottles of salsa and froze onions, carrots, beans and peppers.  After this experience we now have a better understanding of planning a garden for specific yields and times. 

We built a compost bin out of used wood pallets.  This was a fun project and we already have plans to add another to double capacity.  It took a night to build after supper with my 5yr old son helping along.  He is really into composting and helps keep our kitchen compost bin full.  Can't wait to use the fresh compost in the garden this spring.

Personally I learned how to make bread from scratch as well as pies, apple pies being my favorite!  This was a fun experience and we now make our own whole wheat bread regularly.  My 5yr old helps along as well and enjoys the process.  It's nice to see him learn where food comes from, the garden, and also involved in the process of baking.

Now that we have 2 summers under our belt, we are expanding the vegetable garden again.  We have ordered in 2 seed catalogs and are ready to plan/order for the spring.  I'll be starting seedlings indoors where applicable to get a head start.  More on garden planning to come....

We will also plant 2 or 3 Cortland apple trees this spring.  I'm investigating dwarf apple trees as I've read about them online.  We will also plant strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries and raspberries this year.  Not sure how much we'll get out of them this year, but the plan is to keep on them and eventually have enough for jams and preserves in the coming years. 

We already have a rain barrel for water collection but I'm putting together a better system to collect from both sides of the house and will run drip lines to keep things hydrated.  If money allows, we also plan on fencing in the backyard with a nice 6ft hemlock fence.  This wood is harvested locally and has the same rot resistant properties as cedar but less expensive.  It ages beautifully and should give a bit more privacy and a place for the fruit vines to climb along the edges.

We have many other plans but to start you have to at least put things down on paper.  This is a start and I'll be writing and posting pictures of each project as we go.  My wife is taking professional photography now so there's no excuse to have good pictures of our progress ;o)  Till then... cheers.

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